Yogaleela Life is an outstanding concept of Holidaying with Personal Growth for Success and self greatness. Since the existence of ancient civilizations Holidaying has been a way to Spiritual growth. Yogaleela Life Holidaying events focus on overall self development elaborately on Spiritual Life i.e. Self Realization.

The Holidaying events involving Round-Robin Brainstorming Sessions predominantly being goaded by the Goad, AK Sharma who has a vast 18 years experience of learning and goading disciples. The Goad, AK Sharma has always been encouraging simple and natural course of action to grow to the Personal Greatness. The course of action is addressed in a very simple easy to understand day-to-day language . During the Sessions no complicated scientific terminology or complex words or language is encouraged to use to address important worthy topics. All participants are encouraged to use simple and easy language to address their confusions, their standpoints on all worthy topics. The Goad, AK Sharma assuredly believes that Personal development trainings are not so effective until the trainee is an enthusiastic consenting participant in the training programs from the Self realization stage to the desired course of the action stage. The Goad, AK Sharma maintains the unique environment during the brainstorming sessions for all participants to be enthusiastic consenting participants to gain optimum benefits out of the Sessions. The Goad, AK Sharma retains the firm belief that No one else can change you for the better only you can change yourself for the better to achieve your worthy life goals. Other way around only you can put all possible excuses and obstacles to keep yourself away from your own life goals. Believe it or not, it’s only you. The course of action or looking for the excuses or falling prey to real or imagined obstacles is only your choice,your decision which is thoroughly subjected to evaluations in all our brainstorming sessions.

The Theme in the Round-Robin Brainstorming Sessions is essential participation by all the Holidaying guests. The topics of the Sessions range from Spiritual life to Mental life, Physical Life, Emotional life, Business and Professional life, Social and Family life. The roots of all segments of life derives from Spiritual life which has been misinterpreted as religious life or religions throughout the ancient civilizations. Spiritual life is solely based on evolutionary process science whereas religious life or religions are contradictory in their belief system, teachings and Practices. Most of our sessions focus on our Spiritual life since it has greater influence on all the other segments of our life. The atmosphere of Sessions is completely playful, down to earth and fun way  optimally enriching you with natural ease . You will come across and learn the action-packed tools and techniques for greater success in your life. The Theme topic of the Seminar is always the same i.e. “ Is Success or Failure, Your Destiny or Your Decision? The Round-Robin Brainstorming Seminar Sessions predominantly under the guidance of The Goad, AK Sharma elaborately focuses on the influence of your approach towards Success and your life goals.

Our packages comprise mainly our sessions starting from 4 sessions to 11 sessions depending upon the duration of your Holidaying with us. We organize the Seminar sessions on cycle basis which facilitates your attending all or maximum sessions depending upon length of your stay Package with us. You can attend our Seminar as per your convenience. Our Seminar Sessions module Suits you with the selection of your Holidaying dates with us around the year.

So why to wait for a long or why to suffer from the consequences of failures if Success is only some sessions away from you. Success is always some thoughts away from you which may come across your life coincidently or with your decision along the course of your life. You are wholeheartedly welcome to the unique Holidaying experience to enrich your life opening up yourself not only to the new horizons of our lovely planet but also to the new horizons of the amazing thoughts and result oriented unique vision. Corporate queries are also welcome.


Our Packages mainly comprise “Round-Robin Brainstorming Seminar “Sessions predominately Under the guidance of The Goad, AK Sharma. The sole topic of the Seminar is always the same “ Is Success or Failure, Your Destiny or Your Decision? “